The goal that we set in all the projects carried out will remain the improvement of the production performance. We are convinced that the combination of values ​​we carry and our ongoing search for optimization;


The quality of our machines is unanimously recognized, as much by the attention we pay to the assembly of the structural elements as to the various components used.


We remain convinced that the technology must be used to facilitate the everyday life of the users of our machines, for example with the use of PLCs or analog controllers. Our ambition is also materialized by a permanent search for solutions adapted to the constraints of our customers. The evolution of materials, studies on flows, species-related configurations, are all challenges that we face.


Biosecurity is a key concern, and we support our customers to ensure, at every stage of project implementation, an environment with maximum hygiene. Plans from our design office take into account the different parameters to respect the different elements of biosecurity.


The preservation of the environment and the limitation of the impact of our productions are part of everyday attentions. We implement the recycling of materials as soon as possible, and we ensure compliance with environmental criteria at our suppliers.

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